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I have been working in this amazing Industry for 25 years now although it still only seems like yesterday when I started. I remind myself most days of just how long that is when I play a song and then mention the year it was released. Radio is one of those industries that is ever changing, but is always fun and of course should be entertaining. Over the years I’ve seen many changes including hundreds of new stations, bringing with them more listener choice. It seems whatever you want these days you can find somewhere on the dial or on line.

I am currently working on my own projects, but not on air on a daily basis although watch this space. I was very proud of my time with the Magic Radio Network where I spent many happy years playing “Just Great Songs”. We played music from the last 45 years including some of the best current music as well. It’s was fun and entertaining with a very loyal audience. We played those songs that our audience grew up with, but they were also songs that have stood the test of time and songs that a younger audience knew through TV ads, movie soundtracks and of course their parents!

Some people say “They don’t make songs like they used to”, in fact they do, its just that we all love the songs we grew up with. I think its fair to say the music that we hear when we are in our teenage years is the music we keep with us as some of our favourites all through life. One thing is for sure, there’s a much greater variety of music these days, something for everyone whatever you are into.

I love music, I always have, I don’t have a particular favourite genre I just love great songs, mind you 1976 stands out as a really great year! It was that long hot summer, everybody seemed happy and the music was fantastic!

I was born in the Midlands in a small Cotswold Village called Broadway, It’s a beautiful place which is always full of tourists. If you like Christmas its one of the few places in the country where you find a shop dedicated to it. Christmas toys, decorations and music all year round. The foreign tourists seem to love it!

On leaving school I trained to be a motor mechanic, took all the relevant certificates, qualified and then gave it all up!
To quote John Miles “music was my first love and it will be my last” I headed for London and started working in and around the City doing disco’s and working the clubs.

London is where I was first introduced to radio through a hospital radio station called RFN based at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, at that point I wasn’t sure if radio was where I wanted to go, but once that radio bug bites you there’s no going back!

I also spent some time at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Aylesbury and it was from my weekly show there that my break into professional radio came. I interviewed a presenter from the local station Chiltern Radio called Chris Seymour, he seemed quite impressed by what I was doing and invited me along to help out on the show, the rest as they say is history.

When you are trying to get into radio the powers that be tell you availability is key, being there when they need you. I spent a lot of time hanging around waiting for opportunities. Whilst waiting I took a job as a chauffeur, the company had a contract with Howard Jones, Marillion and Pinewood studios which was all pretty exciting and on occasions with the lads from at the time a high flying band extremely good fun!

I’ve had a lot of success during my years in radio and worked with some really great people, I’ve got many friends in radio, television and music all over the world. It really is a fantastic business to be in, and If you want to find out more check out the training section of this website.

You can keep tabs on me and what I’m up to via twitter and facebook.

Enjoy the rest of the site.

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